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From the TandemLaunch blog: CES, TandemLaunch, and Cool Toys

To all our readers, Happy New Year, and I hope many of you enjoyed CES 2014! Exhibitions like CES are a great way to see sneak previews of what new, up-and-coming technology might be ‘the next big thing’. So it’s worth reminding ourselves that identifying the mega-wave of tomorrow isn’t necessarily finding the fanciest, flashiest, most feature-laden products being launched today. In my opinion, one of the most insightful and fascinating mantras for anticipating new markets and trends came from Chris Dixon a few years ago, when he wrote: “The… Read more From the TandemLaunch blog: CES, TandemLaunch, and Cool Toys

Will you develop back problems? A simple test from Roz Warren

This past Tuesday, Roz Warren (who writes for the NYTimes, HuffPost, and various other places) published this quite entertaining and 100% accurate story in the Times about back issues. Roz opens with a quick test that I may have to use in pitches from now on (with due credit, of course): “Are you the kind of person who will develop back problems? Take this easy test: 1. Are you alive? 2. Are you getting older? 3. Do you ever pick things up? If you answered yes to any of these… Read more Will you develop back problems? A simple test from Roz Warren

Publications and Vanity Metrics: an update

I talked a few posts ago about how scientific publications might be vanity metrics in disguise– good for showing an illusion of progress, but the enemy of true breakthroughs. Here’s a quick update to that thought: Peter Higgs, the British physicist whose work was the foundation behind the recent discovery of the subatomic particle bearing his name (the Higgs Boson) and who I mentioned in that post, might agree. Speaking recently with the British newspaper The Guardian, Higgs expressed his belief that “no university would employ him in today’s academic… Read more Publications and Vanity Metrics: an update

TandemLaunch Pitch Day

Are you a driven, entrepreneurial problem-solver looking for cutting-edge technology to start Montreal’s next big company? Or maybe you’re a veteran coder, looking for new problems to work on with new people? Or maybe you’re a PhD student who has invented something awesome, if only there was a way to commercialize it? Well if you’re any of those people, or wish you were, you should come to the TandemLaunch Pitch Day, in partnership with FounderProject, coming up on December 11th at our soon-to-be new office space. TandemLaunch is currently looking… Read more TandemLaunch Pitch Day