2 Big Updates

Hi everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over the past month: I’ve been very busy with two new projects that I’m excited to share:

1. As of last month, I’ve officially started working with Sharethebus, an awesome transportation startup based here in Montreal that’s solving the collective action problem surrounding transportation to and from events. I’ll put up a longer and more detailed post sometime soon, outlining what makes this company great and why I decided to join. For now we’re in full-on work mode heading into the summer festival season, and growth is going up and to the right, so all hands are on deck.

2. Although I won’t have time to update the blog as often as before, there will be something new and exciting you can look forward to about once a month: my good friend Matt Brightman and I are starting a podcast! Matt and I were both Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at TandemLaunch, and after I introduced Matt to Exponent.fm a few weeks ago (which is excellent, by the way), we decided to start our own: The Emergence Podcast.

We’ll be talking about technology, society, what we think the future looks like, and what’s happening in the present that we feel hasn’t been properly articulated. Our first episode, which we recorded on Tuesday night, is about Zero Rating – and we’re excited for it to go live (probably early next week, once I figure out how to properly set up the whole podcast feed).

Check back soon for an update on the official launch of Emergence. We’re really looking forward to it.

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  1. It would be cool to have a bunch of the stars of the Canadian startup scene on the program every now and then. An “entrepreneur of the week” or whatever. And how about getting Sylvain Carle from FounderFuel on, or Fred Lalonde from Hopper? Dan Robichaud and Martin-Luc Archambault?

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