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Smartwatches and the triage nurse problem

Despite the ever-ongoing increases in available processing power predicted by Moore’s law, human beings can only pay a finite amount of attention to what’s in front of them at any given moment. Plenty of people realize this, especially concerning the rise of smart watches: at Google I/O recently, we were told that ‘the average Android user pulls their phone out of their pocket 125 times per day.’ Presumably, this is too many times, and Android Wear will alleviate this burden for us to some degree. But let’s not forget why… Read more Smartwatches and the triage nurse problem

Prediction: Android Health will look a lot like Google Now

Last week’s unveiling of HealthKit at Apple’s WWDC provoked a flurry of responses (including my own) about Apple’s strategy moving forward, and what mobile health on an iPhone will look like for the near future. This week’s question is: what does Google’s counter-move look like? Here’s my prediction: the way Google does mobile health won’t resemble the Apple approach at all; instead, it’ll look a lot like Google Now. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure (or for some, the mildly creepy and/or paranoid feeling) of using this… Read more Prediction: Android Health will look a lot like Google Now

Backtrack: the movie

Over the past month we’ve been collaborating with TruScribe on a whiteboard animation video explaining what we’re up to at Backtrack. TruScribe did a great job through the whole process, and were a joy to work with (also many thanks for Kaya Bucholc, our all-star narrator); we were really happy with how the final product turned out, and can’t wait to share it with the world. Although we haven’t officially started pushing the video and spreading the word quite yet, please give it an early watch! You can also find it on… Read more Backtrack: the movie