Hey there, buyable Pins

Time to revisit an old post today, in which I made a prediction (that, in time, became increasingly clear it would come true) about Pinterest: that, sooner or later, we would see a Buy Button appear.

And here we are!

Although I think a lot of people expected Pinterest to get into purchases eventually (gotta monetize all of that purchasing intent, and promoted pins are pretty weak next to the massive potential that a Buy Button represents), I’m pretty happy that I nailed another, more subtle aspect of this development: the Apple Pay Integration.  In my previous post, I had hypothesized that Pinterest’s nascent ‘App Pins Partnership‘ was in fact a trial run for Apple Pay to work seamlessly with Pinterest for purchasing purposes: looks like this may have been right on the money. One point for this week!

Also- stay tuned for a new episode of Emergence Podcast, hopefully coming by early next week!

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