Seeking the Indicorn

Note: this post originally appeared on Medium, where I’ll be posting first from now on. If you’re a Medium user, or thinking about starting, you can follow me here!   A huge number of Internet companies are going to be created in the next decade that are native to the developing world. Many of them … More Seeking the Indicorn

Taylor Swift, iOS, and the Access Economy: Why the Normal Distribution is Vanishing

(Note: although I originally wrote this as a stand-alone post, it may make sense to think of it as Part Two of a series, beginning with The Rise of the Access Economy.)   There’s a classic exercise that we often encounter in business school, or elsewhere in higher education: the professor proposes, “I have two … More Taylor Swift, iOS, and the Access Economy: Why the Normal Distribution is Vanishing

Social Capital

Hello everyone, Following the (even bigger) life news from last week, I have another very exciting announcement to make: As of today, I officially work with Chamath and his amazing company: Social Capital.   Social Capital is a wild and wonderful place: as my wife Tessa put it, “This new job doesn’t make you any less of … More Social Capital

The best news

Today’s post isn’t a normal post. It’s a special one, since I only get to do it once. As of Saturday, November 28th, I am now married to my best friend and new wife, Tessa Wallace! There are far too many people to thank properly that can fit here, but six people deserve special recognition. … More The best news

How to identify The Most Important Thing

As we go through life, we encounter situations from time to time where we need to make a decision about something complex. Planning a product development roadmap? Navigating a tricky interpersonal relationship? Trying to figure out your own personal goals? Here’s one technique I use sometimes: First, start by asking: what is the most important thing? What … More How to identify The Most Important Thing

Predicting Walmart

It was easy to predict mass car ownership but hard to predict Walmart. -Carl Sagan The human brain is a wonderful, powerful thing – but it has some blind spots. One of these, I believe, is the way we compare things. Our go-to comparison method is “This versus that”, and it has a close cousin: “Before … More Predicting Walmart