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A technical introduction to Bitcoin for non-technical people

This post is something I’ve wanted to exist for a long time, but have never really found to my liking: an introductory but real explanation of how Bitcoin actually works, meant for a smart but non-technical audience. The original Bitcoin white paper is actually quite readable, and if you’ve ever thought about reading it you absolutely should. This post is meant for anyone who might be a bit intimidated by the technical stuff it talks about, but wants to learn anyway. Have no fear: although it’s a complicated system, there… Read more A technical introduction to Bitcoin for non-technical people

Starting this thing back up

Hey guys, Dropping a quick note that I’m going to start posting here again. Not so much work stuff: you can find my Social Capital essays on Medium here, and my weekly newsletter, which you should sign up to, is at But I’ve been increasingly thinking about posting life updates, fun personal posts, and really anything else I’ve been making here rather than on places like Facebook. (For anyone who doesn’t know: Tessa and I are expecting our first kid in the summer, so expect baby pictures.) As always,… Read more Starting this thing back up

Seeking the Indicorn

Note: this post originally appeared on Medium, where I’ll be posting first from now on. If you’re a Medium user, or thinking about starting, you can follow me here!   A huge number of Internet companies are going to be created in the next decade that are native to the developing world. Many of them will go on to build great things big and small, but only a select few of them will reach mythic status — the way Google and Facebook have reached here, and the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and… Read more Seeking the Indicorn