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A quick thought on company culture.

Company culture seems to be in vogue over the past few weeks. For some reason, culture has been showing up on Twitter, in discussions, all over. I’m sure this is in part due to the two recent lectures in Sam Altman’s startup class that talk about company culture and team building: Great stuff in these two lectures from Alfred Lin of Zappos, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, Patrick and John Collison of Stripe, and Ben Silbermann of Pinterest. Worth the watch, as of course have been all of the… Read more A quick thought on company culture.

Bundling, unbundling, and the future of health care innovation

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most insightful quotes in the history of the Internet: “There’s only two ways I know of to make money: bundling and unbundling.” –Jim Barksdale, CEO of Netscape In the history of the internet, many (really, all) of the big leaps forward in how we use and interact with the internet have been instances of either bundling services at a particular layer of the stack, or unbundling them from that layer. For a primer on bundling and unbundling, and how important this… Read more Bundling, unbundling, and the future of health care innovation

Be the Twitter Guys: More gold from Sam Altman’s startup class

From Lecture 9, where Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, and Parker Conrad from Zenefits talk about how to raise money. Full of good stuff, but my favourite line was from Parker, about his first attempts at fundraising and what he learned: (Annotated text from Genius) “I started a company before this that I was at for six years, and my co-founder and I pitched almost every VC firm in Silicon Valley. We literally went to sixty different firms and they all told us no. And we were constantly trying to figure… Read more Be the Twitter Guys: More gold from Sam Altman’s startup class

We’re doing a Kickstarter!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since last post, so I’m sorry about that, but for good reason. We’ve got a big announcement to make. The team at Backtrack is happy to say that later this fall we will be embarking on our first Kickstarter campaign, although we like to think of it as a collaborative crowd science experiment. Over the past year, as we’ve been building Backtrack, a few things have gotten us really excited. From our work with researchers, clinicians and patients we’ve become very interested in human movement. Movement… Read more We’re doing a Kickstarter!

Hey Alex Blumberg: coffee is for closers only

No time for a thoughtful post this week; sorry. But thankfully, the folks This American Life were kind enough to put one together for me. This is their one-hour take on startups and how to pitch yourself; anchored, interestingly enough, around Alex Blumberg (formerly of Planet Money) in his own quest to start a company. Alex is actually chronicling his adventures here, which I look forward to following.  Overall it’s great stuff, although it’s been said before in fewer words. Specifically: Coffee’s for closers only.  Enjoy. (Not for viewing… Read more Hey Alex Blumberg: coffee is for closers only