Backtrack announcement: part 2

Hi everyone again,

We have a second announcement to make, coming from me personally. As Backtrack continues post-Kickstarter, and focuses our attention back to our core activities, it’ll be moving on without me. I’ve made the hard but necessary personal decision to step away from Backtrack in order to take some time off.

I love this company, what we’ve built, our ambitious mission, and the wonderful people I’ve worked with. I am especially indebted to Alex Daskalov, my amazing co-founder without whom Backtrack could have never made it this far, and for all of our support from TandemLaunch. However, as many of you know, running a startup is hard; my role at Backtrack has taken a significant toll on me personally over the past year. I recognize that the time is right for me to step back, breathe, and take some time off to re-tool and take care of my health. Backtrack is in good hands, and I’m looking forward to watching it continue to grow and flourish as a young company.

Announcements like these are never easy, but just as every durable company has persevered through difficult times on the path to success, so will Backtrack. I’m looking forward to seeing them succeed, to taking some time off, and for whatever adventure awaits me next.

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