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Backtrack: the movie

Over the past month we’ve been collaborating with TruScribe on a whiteboard animation video explaining what we’re up to at Backtrack. TruScribe did a great job through the whole process, and were a joy to work with (also many thanks for Kaya Bucholc, our all-star narrator); we were really happy with how the final product turned out, and can’t wait to share it with the world. Although we haven’t officially started pushing the video and spreading the word quite yet, please give it an early watch! You can also find it on… Read more Backtrack: the movie

Full Stack Rehab

I’m a big fan of the new a16z podcast, which launched a few weeks ago and already put up seven great episodes. Last Thursday, they put up a particularly good one about Full Stack Startups, a term recently coined by Chris Dixon that I fully expect will get launched into mainstream usage before long. Read Chris’s post and/or listen to the podcast to get an idea of what they mean by a full stack approach; it’s like a company version of programming all the way from the back to the… Read more Full Stack Rehab

Term sheets: VCs versus record labels

It seems as though whenever something particularly wild happens in Silicon Valley, someone makes the comparison to Hollywood. Startup founders are like directors, pitching their companies/film scripts to VCs / producers inside a crazy world of connections and hype where no one really knows the winning formula, but everybody wants to get in on ‘the next big one’; so the story goes. I don’t personally know all that much about Hollywood or the film industry at all. But I do have a little bit of experience with one of its… Read more Term sheets: VCs versus record labels