Update from Backtrack

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who checked out our Kickstarter, backed us, and helped us out in any way. We really appreciate it. As many of you know, we’ve decided to cancel funding on the Backtrack Kickstarter project rather than letting the clock expire.

Backtrack was created in collaboration with physiotherapists and clinic owners who helped guide us to a product that would be useful to patients in a rehab setting. As a result, our original plans never included a crowd-funding campaign, but we decided one would be worth pursuing as an experiment, and despite not reaching our funding goal, this experiment taught us a lot.

Since the very early days of our company, we’ve focused on improving recovery at the system level, but also knew that we can’t be sure individuals wouldn’t be motivated to buy and use Backtrack by themselves before testing that hypothesis. A crowd-funding campaign was a great way to do that, and we’re moving on wiser as a result.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us thus far,

The Backtrack team

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