The startup logic puzzle

Fun post today:

Who can figure out the following puzzle? If you do, send me an email at, and I will give you special kudos. (All of the clues needed to solve the puzzle are contained within the hints. There is no missing information.)


5 Startups all work on the same street. Their names are:

Vaultforge, Mylend, Whamazon, and

Each one makes a different product, uses different communication tools, and works in a different coloured office.

Your task is to figure out: which company is worth 1 billion dollars?

Here are your hints:

The viral video company communicates via Facebook.

Vaultforge works in the purple office.

Whamazon is worth $5 million at most recent valuation.

The hardware company has a neighbour who uses Hipchat. makes a messaging app.

The beige office is next door to

The company in the orange office uses Gchat, and they are directly to the left of the brown office.

The company making a SaaS product is worth $500k.

The Internet of Things company works in the grey office, and is next door to the company worth $50 million. is in the first office.

Mylend’s team communicates via Microsoft Exchange.

The hardware company is next door to the one worth $1 million.

The office right in the middle uses Slack.

Which one is the Unicorn?


  1. The one that has both a) raised the most money and b) has the best BS on LTV of a customer, even though it’s BS.

    Ty Danco 802-922-2916 @tydanco


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