New faces at Backtrack


Backtrack is very excited to welcome three new faces to the team: Kayhan, Clara and Alan.

Kayhan and Clara joined us on May 1st as interns here for the summer, and will be helping us bring Backtrack closer to reality. Kayhan is working on visualizing the spine and movement within the Backtrack app, and will help us make the experience intuitive and beautiful. Clara will be working on the physical device: how to make it comfortable, wearable, adherent, and easy to use. We’re looking forward to working with both of them throughout the summer; they’re both awesome and we couldn’t ask better interns so far.

On a related note, Alan Schoen will be coming over from Germany to work with us on the machine learning side of things. Alan is an expert in optical toad recognition, among many other neat things, and we’re stoked to work with him as well. Alan starts with us this July, so we’re working to make sure he’ll have some fresh data once he starts.

We’re also working on a very neat collaboration with the Dover lab at Concordia University, in connection with the PERFORM athletic therapy centre. Exciting news, all around.

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