Snippets 2.0 – it’s back, baby

——-> <——

Guess what! Snippets is back. (It will probably need a new name though. Email me if you have suggestions. I’ve heard a couple good ones so far…)

Thank you so much to all of you for reading my newsletter every week. I’m really lucky to have you all as an audience and I’m looking forward to keeping this newsletter going, both through paternity leave and beyond.

Here’s what you can expect from this:

-I will keep up the once a week newsletter schedule, and send it out Sundays. (I may switch to Sunday morning though.)

-I will never ask you to pay money for this or anything like that. Nor, obviously, will I ever sell your email addresses or do anything sketchy with them except for that one time when I manually imported you into this list starting out. Forgive me for that one. Again, if that’s not cool, sorry! Just unsubscribe.

-I’ll still do essays, and I’ll still do links. The longer essays will end up on my blog,, so head there for back issues.

-I have a longer term project involving this newsletter + the blog that I’ll announce soon once I work out some scheduling for it. Stay tuned for that one.

Here’s what I ask of you:

-Not much! Please read and enjoy. Email me or shout at me on Twitter @alex_danco if you think what I say is smart, or wrong, or anything.

-Also, please share this newsletter with anyone you think would like to read it! You can find issues + a link to subscribe at

That’s it! Look out for the inaugural issue of Snippets 2.0 to come out this Easter Sunday for some weekend reading material.

Thanks to all of you for reading!

Have a great week,


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