Social Capital

Hello everyone,
Following the (even bigger) life news from last week, I have another very exciting announcement to make:
As of today, I officially work with Chamath and his amazing company: Social Capital.
Social Capital is a wild and wonderful place: as my wife Tessa put it, “This new job doesn’t make you any less of a silly person – it just means you found other silly people who want to hang out with you.” Soon, I will write a longer post about what exactly I’ll be doing here – for now, suffice it to say, it will be very, very interesting.
I’ll still be based in Montreal (or wherever it is that Tessa and I will live during her residency), but I’ll be out in Palo Alto every other week. I’m also moving on from Sharethebus right as they have some exciting news of their own (but I won’t spoil the surprise); I still plan on keeping closely in touch and helping them out on a weekly basis – they’ve been an awesome place to work over the past year and their impressive growth speaks for itself. But as of now, I’ve fully gone over to the wild west of VC.
 The full story will come soon – for now, I’ll be on my honeymoon. See you all on the other side!


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