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Starting this thing back up

Hey guys, Dropping a quick note that I’m going to start posting here again. Not so much work stuff: you can find my Social Capital essays on Medium here, and my weekly newsletter, which you should sign up to, is at But I’ve been increasingly thinking about posting life updates, fun personal posts, and really anything else I’ve been making here rather than on places like Facebook. (For anyone who doesn’t know: Tessa and I are expecting our first kid in the summer, so expect baby pictures.) As always,… Read more Starting this thing back up

Seeking the Indicorn

Note: this post originally appeared on Medium, where I’ll be posting first from now on. If you’re a Medium user, or thinking about starting, you can follow me here!   A huge number of Internet companies are going to be created in the next decade that are native to the developing world. Many of them will go on to build great things big and small, but only a select few of them will reach mythic status — the way Google and Facebook have reached here, and the likes of Microsoft, Cisco and… Read more Seeking the Indicorn

How to identify The Most Important Thing

As we go through life, we encounter situations from time to time where we need to make a decision about something complex. Planning a product development roadmap? Navigating a tricky interpersonal relationship? Trying to figure out your own personal goals? Here’s one technique I use sometimes: First, start by asking: what is the most important thing? What is the one single thing you could do whereby: a) if you get this thing right, everything else is just an implementation detail, and b) if you don’t get this thing right, then nothing else… Read more How to identify The Most Important Thing

Predicting Walmart

It was easy to predict mass car ownership but hard to predict Walmart. -Carl Sagan The human brain is a wonderful, powerful thing – but it has some blind spots. One of these, I believe, is the way we compare things. Our go-to comparison method is “This versus that”, and it has a close cousin: “Before – After”. We’re good at comparing things that are similar – that’s why the scientific method, for instance, relies on controlled experimentation. Hold as many variables still as possible; test one at a time. This method… Read more Predicting Walmart