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Emergence Podcast, Episode 4: Notifications

We’re back with another episode of Emergence Podcast! Matt and I talk about notifications, and argue about whether contextual relevance or ambiguity resolution is more important. In the episode, we refer back to my previous post, Notifications our lives now: is there room for any more? so I recommend reading that post before giving it a listen. Enjoy!

Emergence Podcast, Episode 3: The Uber Episode

Hey everybody! We’re back with another episode of Emergence Podcast, from myself and Matt Brightman. We recorded this episode a while ago – right after a California Court ruled that an Uber driver should be considered an employee, not a contractor. In this episode we go through where this matters (and where it doesn’t) for Uber, for the on-demand economy in general, and what it means for the future of work. Hope you enjoy! Also available on iTunes, as usual.