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Publications and Vanity Metrics: an update

I talked a few posts ago about how scientific publications might be vanity metrics in disguise– good for showing an illusion of progress, but the enemy of true breakthroughs. Here’s a quick update to that thought: Peter Higgs, the British physicist whose work was the foundation behind the recent discovery of the subatomic particle bearing his name (the Higgs Boson) and who I mentioned in that post, might agree. Speaking recently with the British newspaper The Guardian, Higgs expressed his belief that “no university would employ him in today’s academic… Read more Publications and Vanity Metrics: an update

TandemLaunch Pitch Day

Are you a driven, entrepreneurial problem-solver looking for cutting-edge technology to start Montreal’s next big company? Or maybe you’re a veteran coder, looking for new problems to work on with new people? Or maybe you’re a PhD student who has invented something awesome, if only there was a way to commercialize it? Well if you’re any of those people, or wish you were, you should come to the TandemLaunch Pitch Day, in partnership with FounderProject, coming up on December 11th at our soon-to-be new office space. TandemLaunch is currently looking… Read more TandemLaunch Pitch Day

The back pain patient app: one direct comparable

Thinking about the wearable device for back pain patients I outlined yesterday- here’s an ‘It’s the X for Y’ comparable. It’s the blood glucose monitor for back pain patients. Blood glucose monitors allow diabetics to keep track of their own blood sugar throughout the day, and helps to plan meals, activities and medications on a day-by-day basis at home. Blood glucose monitors allow diabetic patients to take some control of their condition using day-to-day metrics that lead to actionable progress goals. Not only do glucose monitors help patients at home, but… Read more The back pain patient app: one direct comparable