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Hello everyone! I have some big personal and professional news: I’m joining Shopify. In my mind, Shopify is the most interesting company in the world right now. If you took everything I’ve ever written about scarcity and abundance, about technology, friction, complexity, and antifragility, and expressed it in a business, you’d get Shopify. They’re an accelerant of the future of commerce, and a lifeline for this present crisis. This is their moment.  Beyond Survival My grandfather, Léon Danco, loved small businesses and the entrepreneurs who ran them. He dedicated his… Read more Shopify

It’s going to get worse

The other day I went for a drive around town, just to clear my head a bit and check out the empty city. For the most part, it looked empty, but ordinary; like being out at dawn before the city wakes up. But there was a notable exception: Starbucks. The lines for Starbucks drive-thru (and I saw three different locations) all stretched down the street, multiple blocks long. I’m not a great estimator of these things, but I’m guessing they were half-hour wait times, at least.  In that moment, I… Read more It’s going to get worse