Hey Alex Blumberg: coffee is for closers only

No time for a thoughtful post this week; sorry. But thankfully, the folks This American Life were kind enough to put one together for me.  http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/533/its-not-the-product-its-the-person This is their one-hour take on startups and how to pitch yourself; anchored, interestingly enough, around Alex Blumberg (formerly of Planet Money) in his own quest to start a … More Hey Alex Blumberg: coffee is for closers only

Startup Wisdom from NPR’s Car Talk

Recently while out running I’ve been listening to old episodes of Car Talk, with Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers that Americans will remember fondly from Saturday mornings on NPR. I wanted to share two reader-submitted letters that, while quite humorous, contain a great deal of wisdom relating to startups, ignorance, and the Modern Jackass … More Startup Wisdom from NPR’s Car Talk

Office upgrade

After quite enough time at our old cramped offices on Victoria Ave in Westmount, Backtrack finally moved, along with the rest of the Tandem Crew, to a big beautiful new space in St. Henri. We’re now located at 780 Brewster Ave., in  a converted loft building that used to make biscuits a century ago. As it turns … More Office upgrade